Research and Development

CHO Pharma possesses six core platform technologies including: 1) homogeneous antibody drugs; 2) carbohydrate-based vaccines and drugs; 3) development and preparation of monoclonal antibodies for cancer and immune-related diseases; 4) production of glycan arrays; 5) glycoprobes; and 6) synthesis and characterization of glycan related molecules. Exclusively licensed from Academia Sinica, these technologies are intellectually protected by more than 30 patent families.

One of the company's key technology, Homogeneous Antibody Drug, is expected to become a major breakthrough in glycan-based pharmaceuticals. This approach produces drugs with high therapeutic effectiveness, have better efficacy with reduced side effects or non-immune responses and more defined CMC and easier to manufacture. With the opportunities to align the cutting-edge research at CHO with the strategic partners of international caliber, we are confident to complete the clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization of first-in-class therapeutics. Arming with strong patent portfolio, innovative technology platform and broad-based product development pipeline, CHO Pharma has become one of the leaders in glycan engineering technologies. We are open and flexible to partnering collaborations and in/out licensing technologies.