H01 Glycoengineered homogenous antibody new drug for cancer

This is the first glycoengineered homogeneous antibody developed by CHO Pharma, Inc. The homogenization of optimal glycan solves the CMC problem of traditional antibody drug; moreover, the glycoengineered antibody is easy to do analysis similar to the small molecule. More importantly, the glycoengineered antibody can strengthen binding affinity to the immune cells to greatly increase antibody efficacy. The glycoengineered new drug is highly competitive and expected to replace some drugs to share the market.

The therapeutic target of CHO-H01 is blood-related cancer and autoimmune diseases. The representative drug of this class is Rituxan, which fights cancer by antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC). Our CHO-H01 is a glycoengineering antibody drug, which was created by “chemical enzymatic-glycoengineering” technology platform. The innovative technology greatly enhances binding affinity to FcRIIIa receptor to increase ADCC activity. CHO-H01, our first glycoengineered homogenous antibody was simultaneously approved by US FDA and Taiwan TFDA for clinical trial phase 1 and 2a. There are total eight hospitals to recruit patients in US and Taiwan..