A04 New antibody drug to target SSEA4 for cancer treatment.

CHO-A04 is humanized monoclonal antibody that recognizes Tumor Associated Carbohydrate Antigen SSEA-4. CHO-A04 is highly specific, has strong binding affinity, and is very safe; moreover, it can induce immune responses, such as ADCC and complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), for pancreatic cancer and triple-negative breast cancer that do not have effective treatment options. SSEA-4 is expressed in 16 different cancer cells and cancer stem cells; hence, it’s tumor specific and an excellent cancer treatment target. The antibody developed using SSEA-4 can be used to treat more than ten different cancers.

To comply with company agenda, this new type of antibody will enter clinical trial as the second-generation homogenous antibody. For the second-generation antibody, so far, we have finished the efficacy study of pancreatic cancer and triple-negative breast cancer in mice model and multi-dose toxicology test for non-GLP monkey. Next, we will work on high yield antibody cell line, related GMP mass production, and actively obtain IND approval for clinical trials.