CHO Pharma Inc Aims to be TSMC in Biotechnology Industry



Reported by Huang, Wen-Chi at 01:19 on September 27, 2017 in Taipei, Economy Daily News


The Chairman of CHO Pharma Inc, Dr. Chen, Lan-Bo, pointed out yesterday (26) his company accumulated at least 120 years of experience in chemistry from generations of Taiwanese chemists such as former president of Academia Sinica, Dr. Wong, Chi-Huey and professors of Chemistry Department in National Taiwan University, Dr. KT Wang and Dr. YT Lin. No wonder that CHO Pharma is hailed to be the new leader in Taiwan glycan technology with a great chance to become the TSMC of biotechnology industry.

The CHO Pharma, established in 2013, was the first biotechnology new drug company stemmed from from Academia Sinica similar to how Industrial Technology Research Institute assisted in the establishment of TSMC. Besides the science and technology from Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma is backed by Diamond Biofund (the largest investment capital in Taiwan), Rentex Group, and other financial holdings. Thus, CHO Pharma Inc is a government and private joint venture flagship biotechnical company.

In the road show yesterday, Dr. Chen mentioned the idea of employing science and technology developed in Academia Sinica to build a biotechnical company actually came from the deceased oversea biotechnology expert, Dr. Su, Hwei-Ren, who passed away suddenly from leukemia. Fortunately, his idea blossoms, and CHO Pharma was born.

Dr. Chen emphasized that although the glycan new drug technology platform came from Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma Inc is still a company that aims to create new drug for profits. Thus, his number one mission as the chairman of CHO Pharma is to “make money,” so he encourages people to invest.

Dr. Chen is very proud of the scientific roots of the CHO Pharma, and most science and technology came from Dr. Wong’s research teams. On top of Dr. Wong’s 40 years of research experience, the accumulation of experience in chemistry started from the time of Dr. TK Wang (Dr. Wong’s professor) and Dr. Lin, Yao-Tong (Taiwan’s chemistry pioneer) to reach 120 years! Dr. Chen proudly expressed that the accumulated chemistry insights of CHO Pharma are worthy for Nobel Prizes in chemistry.

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CHO Pharma Inc is listed as company on the emerging stock market and aims to be the TSMC in the biotechnology industry
News Release September 26, 2017:The Cho Pharma Inc will be listed as company on the emerging stock market on September 27.