News Release September 26, 2017:The Cho Pharma Inc will be listed as company on the emerging stock market on September 27.


The highly anticipated CHO Pharma Inc (TWSE #6586) gave a pre-listing business report. CHO Pharma was funded by Diamond Biofund that is invested by Fubon Financial, Taishin Holdings, Ruentex Group, and Microbio Group. And Academia Sinica exchanged innovative glycan research platform for technical shares. Since its establishment, CHO Pharma has become the flagship company in the biotechnical industry and gained attentions from many sectors. Currently, the capital of CHO Pharma is 1.807 billion New Taiwan Dollars. The company dedicates to become global leader in glycan biotechnical new drug development.

    Lead by Dr. Chen, Lan-Bo, an Emeritus professor of Pathology Dept., Harvard Medical School and an Academican of Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma Inc are in possession of more than one hundred global patents. Its first product “glycoengineered homogenous anticancer antibody drug, CHO-01” for treating blood related cancer was approved as Investigational New Drug (IND) by US FDA for human clinical trial. Another product, CHO-A04, a monoclonal antibody that was rapidly developed, can be used to treat many cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer that do not have effective treatment drugs yet.

  In recent years, global biotechnical pharmaceutical market development has been in a rapid pace, and the market is expected to reach 278 billion US dollars in 2020. Interestly, the market growth is going to be larger than the whole pharmaceutical market. Among the biotechnical drugs, monoclonal antibody drugs take 60% of the new drug market with the most potential. Because the glycan structures on the antibody drugs are very complicated, the manufacture process involving these complex glycans are difficult. Therefore, and drug efficacy is difficult to predict. CHO Pharma took up this challenge as a great business opportunity and successfully developed a glycoengineering platform to modify glycans on antibody to homogenous, optimal forms that increase the efficacy, lower the dosage and decrease the side effect of antibody drugs on the market and even be used in developing new generation antibody drugs. This new drug can hope to give new life to those antibody drugs with their patents about to expire, ignite the global antibody drug market expansion, and put Taiwan biotechnical industry in the spot light on the global stage. 

CHO Pharma Inc Aims to be TSMC in Biotechnology Industry
News Release :The new glycoengineered homogenous anticancer antibody drug of CHO Pharma was approved in the US for Phase I clinical trial.