News Release :The new glycoengineered homogenous anticancer antibody drug of CHO Pharma was approved in the US for Phase I clinical trial.


 CHO-H01, the glycoengineered homogeneous new anticancer drug that was developed by CHO Pharma Inc to target lymphoma was approved as investigational new drug (IND) by US FDA for Phase I clinical trial.

The most recent report indicated that the global market growth of lymphoma treating antibody drug is expected to reach 9.2 billion US dollars in 2020 with a compound growth rate of 7.4%. The top selling anticancer drug, Rituxan, is a monoclonal antibody drug that was developed by F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG to treat lymphoma. The annual sale has been more than 7.2 billion US dollars over the last 5 years, demonstrating the potential of antibody drug market. Besides treating lymphoma, CHO-H01 is effective on other indications such as rheumatoid arthritis. Compare to the existing drug, CHO Pharma products are glycoengineered to boost drug efficacy and provide better clinical option.


CHO Pharma Inc revealed that monoclonal antibody drug takes over 60% of the 1 trillion US dollars in drug development market. However, the glycan compositions of the antibody drug in the current market are very complicated; thus, the drug manufacture process to replicate these glycans is difficult, so the efficacy is hard to control. For example, the top selling Rituxan consists of more than 50 different glycan structures. The glycans on the antibody not only affect the stability and activity of antibody but also determine the cost of antibody drug manufacture. The glycoengineering platform developed by CHO Pharma Inc successfully modifies glycans on the antibody to homogenous, optimal glycans to provide not only high efficacy, low side effect drug but also glycosylation criteria for antibody drug to reduce the difficulties in regulation reviews and manufacture production. This new approach will have explosive impact in global antibody drug market.


CHO Pharma Inc, established in 2013, was funded by Diamond Biofund that was invested by Fubon Financial, Taishin Holdings, Ruentex Group, and Microbio Group. With core technologies coming from Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma has gained much attention and become the flagship enterprise in the industry ever since its establishment.  The mission of CHO Pharma is to develop innovative carbohydrate and protein new drug. Besides accumulating more than 100 patents, CHO Pharma’s homogenous antibody new drug that treats lymphoma was approved for IND by US FDA. Moreover, there are two more monoclonal anticancer antibody drugs, CHO-H02 and CHO-A04, under rapid development. CHO-H02 is a homogenous monoclonal antibody drug that was developed by glycoengineering platform to treat breast cancer and other cancers. CHO-A-04 is a new glycan antigen monoclonal antibody drug. This glycan antigen is expressed on more than 16 cancers and can be used to treat various cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. This diversified product will be the first of this class in cancer treating drugs. Besides new drug development, CHO Pharma Inc dedicates to develop glycan array, glycan probe, and their applications to continue product line and increase competiveness.


In the future, CHO Pharma Inc will focus on new drug development and aim to complete pre-clinical tests for the two innovative new drugs and apply for IND in two to three years. After the first drug has been approved for IND, it’s safe to say that an important step was taken toward making a global glycan development center in Taiwan.

News Release September 26, 2017:The Cho Pharma Inc will be listed as company on the emerging stock market on September 27.
CHO Pharma is invited by BioTaiwan to present company prospect at “2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference, BBA.”