CHO Pharma Inc received a critical US patent on glycochemistry


 Glycoengineering, the core technology of CHO Pharma Inc, was granted US patent (US 10,087,236) by United State Patent and Trademark Office on the 2nd of this month. The patent is a method for modifying human antibodies by glycoengineering to produce safer and more effective antibody. This patent not only strengthens the competitiveness of the glycan technology but also makes CHO Pharma Inc a leader in the global arena of glycochemistry and new drug development.

CHO Pharma Inc obtained 16 glycotechnologies from Academia Sinica in 2013. Among them, the glycan antibody glycoengineering technology is complex and difficult; thus, the patent application has not yet been granted. The development of this technology is to overcome the elaborated manufacture process and uncertain drug efficacy due to complicate glycan composition of the antibody drugs in the current market. With the technologies developed by Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma Inc systematically studies structures and functions of glycans on antibody to identify a universal glycan that can boost antibody efficacy and to develop antibody homogenization technology.

On June 19th this year, the Cho Pharma Inc was granted a US patent, “Endoglycosidase Mutants for Glycoprotein Remodeling and Methods of Using The Same” (patent number US 10,000,747), which was developed based on antibody homogenization technology and contains a specific process technology and an enzyme. Using this enzyme can greatly boost the efficiency of glycoengineering technology platform, increase homogenous antibody production, decrease manufacture time, and lower related costs. This patent is currently in our global development scheme.


Moreover, to ensure the market exclusivity of the universal glycan, CHO Pharma Inc obtained another US patent, “Compositions and Methods Relating to Universal Glycoforms for Enhanced Antibody Efficacy” (patent number US 10,023,892) on July 17th. This patent covers various IgG1 or IgG3 with purity 90% or above and is the first in the world to specify a glycan structure on antibody. CHO Pharma Inc applied this patent to develop its first product “CHO-H01, a homogenous glycoengineered anticancer antibody drug,” which is about to enter the Phase I of human clinical trial in the US.


CHO Pharma Inc announced that they have successfully developed an antibody homogenization platform to homogenize and optimize glycans on antibody to increase efficacy, reduce dosage, and decrease side effect of antibody drug on the market and to use in developing new generation antibody drug. CHO Pharma Inc was granted many patents regarding universal glycan application in specific antibodies. One such patent is the “Anti-Her2 Glycoantibodies and Uses Thereof “ (patent number US 10,005,847) granted on June 29th, and another one is the application of anti-SSEA4 glycoantibodies MC41 and MC48. The certification of the latter is expected to arrive soon.


Based on the transferred technologies developed in Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma Inc has developed a glycan new drug research and development platform and become one of the most competitive all glycan new drug research enterprises worldwide. So far, it has obtained more than 46 patents and more than one hundred patent applications in process in many countries.

Comprehensive Patent Portfolio
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